The Sole Sanitizer™ is designed for powerful disinfection. It produces sufficient energy to damage and alter DNA of all kinds of potentially harmful microorganisms on the bottoms of shoes. Use the SoleSanitizer™ for disinfecting the bottom of shoes when at home, in public places or in the office.

PuriSan’s mission is dedicated to providing sanitizing solutions to promote the social well-being of consumers and corporations worldwide by reducing and eliminating the exposure of germs.

With this mission in mind, PuriSan has created the first-to-market patented device called the Sole Sanitizer™. The Sole Sanitizer™ has been in research, design and development for over two years.

The foundation of Sole Sanitizer™ is the PuriSan Technology; is a proprietary application of short wavelength UVC light that has been laboratory tested and proven to effectively eliminate germs on a multitude of surfaces.

Ultraviolet light is a 100% effective germicidal agent which causes fatal damage to germs at the genetic level. No microorganism can withstand UVC light, and unlike chemical agents, they simply cannot eventually develop a defense against it.

Now, the first product of its kind – The Sole Sanitizer – harnesses patented and proven PuriSan Technology to offer an innovative and convenient way to reduce germs on the bottoms of shoes — helping you prevent the transfer of germs to your world.
The Sole Sanitizer™ can be placed and used in any entry way. Once the excess dirt is wiped off the soles of the shoes, a user can stand on the device and within seconds the sanitization process is completed.

Simple to use and effective, the Sole Sanitizer™ will be a standard in residential, hospitality and office markets worldwide.

Sole Sanitizer™